Not much of a post tonight, just a few thoughts as we get ready for Lent.  I know Ash Wednesday is a (short) month away.  However I’m thinking about it because I always end up waiting until the last minute to decide what I’m going to do for Lent — what I’m going to give up, anything extra I’m going to do, penance, etc.  There are lots of things I always want to think about for Lent, but then rush through as Ash Wednesday comes hurtling around the corner and smacks me in the back of the head.  Thus I would like to get on top of it this year and I have a month in which to do so — a short month.

I guess what I was really pondering is what I want to do for Lent this year.  Last year I made it a goal to read the whole Bible during Lent.  Was it a doable goal?  Yes, if I didn’t have a newborn infant living in the house that I was taking care of.  I bit off a little more than I could chew and came no where close to finishing the Bible.  I still want to read the whole bible, I just don’t think I want do try to read it during Lent again — especially with a one year old in the house!

Instead, I was thinking that I would find a good Catholic book of some sort to read during Lent and comment on in here.  Hagiography, exegesis, Church Fathers — I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I wanted to put it out there so I’d start thinking about it.  And if anyone who reads this blog (yeah the whole ONE of you!) has any ideas, I’m open to suggestions.


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