The New Slavery

That was what came to my mind this morning as I was in the shower thinking about something someone posted on Facebook.  Someone posted that they thought the Constitution was outdated and needed to be replaced.  I was aghast and taken aback by that.  I was thinking about it in the shower, was thinking about how the problem isn’t with the Constitution, it’s with the people who want to pervert the Constitution.  Which then led me to the people who want to pervert it keep getting re-elected because they keep promising people more entitlements.  Free Healthcare, free housing, free phones, free money, free food.  And the people keep voting for them.  Not because they like the person, per se, or that the person is a good candidate, but because they like the freebies that they keep getting from them.  The problem with that is that the people who get elected into office and giving them the freebies continue to consolidate their power.  They slowly take away more rights until the people are enslaved to the government, much like they are now. The government surveils us, takes our money, takes our land, anything they want at their own will, chalk it up to “National Security” and the cost of the entitlement programs.  And we lose our freedoms and become slaves to the government.  It’s a different type of slavery, but it is slavery nonetheless.

I was also thinking about religious freedom as this is applied. America was founded by people who came here because their religion was being run out of England.  They wanted to continue in their beliefs, continue worshiping the way they wanted to, so they left and founded a new country.  We enshrined those beliefs in our Constitution in the Bill of Rights — more specifically, the very first one.  The problem is, those religious freedoms are being eroded every day.  People say things like, “you can’t be oppressed if you were the people who ruled the country for many years.”  That is a straw man argument.  In the words of Thoreau to his tailor when she told him ‘they’ didn’t make his particular outfit anymore:

“It is true, they did not make them so recently, but they do now.”

Just because it was so in the past, doesn’t mean it still holds true.  Religion in America is under attack, and it is under attack by nefarious forces.  Forces that don’t want to destroy religion because they don’t want to be controlled by it, we’ve passed laws to prevent that, but people who want to destroy religion because they don’t want to feel guilty when religious people say they are doing something wrong.  Even further, religious people don’t have to tell them they are doing something wrong, or even intimate it in any way, they don’t want anyone who believes in objective truth because they don’t want their actions to be wrong in any way.  It is the “dictatorship of relativism” that Pope Benedict XVI spoke about.  These people won’t rest until religion is gone.  They make friends with religions that are enemies of the religion they are enemies with (the enemy of my enemy is my friend), never realizing that they are making a deal with the devil, and the devil will have his payment.  It won’t be a pleasant payment, either.  All of the invective they accused the religion they hate of will be dished out by the religion they supported and they will be persecuted even more than they thought they were before.  It’s a nasty little cycle.

I had to get that off of my chest.  I have many other thoughts on it, but I’m not ready to go into them just yet.


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