Suffer in Silence, Suffer for Christ

Saint Cuthbert

Suffer in Silence, Suffer for Christ (cf Mt 26:63)

“Few people like to suffer, and to suffer in silence in the sight of God alone.  And if it is rare to find those who like to suffer, it is still rarer to find those who suffer without trying to tell the world of it.  It is silsence, however, that sanctifies our crosses and our afflictions and greatly increases their merit.  If you find it difficult to suffer your crosses and defeats, bring Jesus to mind.  Amid an infinite number of persecutions and sorrow he endured in the presence of his wicked judges, before whom he was so falsely accused and slandered, he responded not at all.” (Note 1)

This is kind of reminiscent of yesterday where I spoke of happiness coming only from God, and if our beings are suffused with Jesus, we would be happy because nothing could make us unhappy.  We will still suffer, all humans suffer, it is part of life.  It’s how we suffer that is important.  I remember the protestant church has a saying, “Let go and let God,” and it very accurately sums up our suffering.  We endure the suffering silently, and offer it to God.  If we are suffused with Him, we won’t be bothered by the suffering, it is an imitation of our Lord’s passion.  I don’t believe God is saying if you suffer from a disease, offer it up in silence without getting treated.  I believe he wants you to get treated — he did create doctors and medicine, after all.  But offer the suffering from the disease to God in silence — before, during and after treatment. He knows what your heart needs and will provide it.

Not the most uplifting today, but, hopefully helpful – if to no one else, at least to me.



1.  Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, Meditations for Lent, trans. Christopher O. Blum (Manchester, NH: Sophia Institute Press, 2013), 77.


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